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In a modern world a website or a mobile application is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Whether you run a business or have something awesome to share with the world - we are here to transform your idea into a unique solution or simply to upgrade your existing product to keep up with technology trends. Our website and app development company will take you from your idea as a starting point to a perfectly designed and blazing fast website or app as the final destination.

We believe that the key to success when creating a website or a mobile application is the effort we take to really understand what the customer wants. We don’t start any backend or frontend coding until we totally understand project objectives and the value the project has to deliver.

Our team members are strategic thinkers who keep up with innovative technologies and heuristic PMP. Some of us are notorious skeptics who question every feature every step of the way which maintains effective quality assurance and testing to make sure all the good stuff becomes perfect.

We know that even the best car in the world is good for nothing without gasoline. That’s what SEO means to a website. And we place a great focus on SEO-related activities to push websites higher in the search results ranking and make it easy to find for the target audience.



Yury Shkoda
Lead Developer & Founder

Yury is an engineer by education and nature. He is a certified Project Management Professional and Computer Development Teacher by the state of New York. He founded tqCoders with a focus on technical software development, based on his passion for solving complex problems.

CTO, Software Development
Yaroslau Dzmitrenka

Yaroslau is an admitted gadget geek who built a technology department from the ground up. He is passionate about developing and leading talented teams of professionals. Yaroslau loves fishing, camping, hiking as much as conducting physics experiments and creating complex robots.

SEO, Design
Hanna Lazuka
Lead Designer

Hanna is a design guru who constantly pushes boundaries of aesthetics, interactivity and usability. She constantly inspires everyone by delivering unique designs that provide wow-effect. Hanna loves travelling and she visited 39 states of the United States making adorable shots.

Web Developer
Artem Shapovalov
Senior Developer

Artem is JavaScript ninja who believes that sleep is highly overrated. Sometimes it looks like he has more than 24 hours in his day. Besides building gorgeous software solutions, Artem loves bicycling, jogging with his dog and playing electric guitar with his friends in a local band.